Week in Review, Vol. 5

After losing power for a day and experiencing two back-to-back nor’easters, I’m really ready for spring! Below are a few of my favorite links from this week, including my favorite one highlighting women in a traditionally male-dominated field. Even though International Women’s Day is over, it is still Women’s History Month! I’m aiming to include at least one inspiring woman in each of my weekly posts for the rest of the month. Let me know in the comments who inspires you!


I studied anthropology and archaeology in school and I loved this article about nine women who changed anthropology. It’s a fascinating read even if you aren’t an anthropologist, and a great way to celebrate Women’s History Month! Sadly, one of my favorite archaeologists, Ann Axtell Morris, wasn’t mentioned (she’s pictured above). Ann Morris and her husband, Earl Morris, were archaeologists who focused their work in the Yucatan and in the Southwest United States. Ann detailed their work and their adventures in her books Digging in Yucatan and Digging in the Southwest. Both were fantastic reads, and I loved learning more about her in college.

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes is an old song but one of my all-time favorites. If you know me in real life, you know that I adore Judy Collins (who this song was written about), and I’m also a big fan of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (and all their various iterations). While the originally released version is such a classic, this version, which was actually the originally recorded version, is completely heartbreaking. I found a recording of it on Youtube recently and I’ve had it on repeat for days.

I’ve mentioned spring cleaning almost ad nauseum on this blog, but considering I usually end up putting it off indefinitely, I’m using my blog to hold me accountable this year ???? I loved Lucy Cuneo’s post on five steps to building your dream wardrobe, and I will definitely keep it in mind when I do go through my clothes this spring!

My wanderlust is kicking into full gear lately! As part of my dad’s recent work trip to Zimbabwe, he and his colleagues stayed at the Elephant Camp at Victoria Falls. I’ve always wanted to go to Zimbabwe, and after viewing their website I really hope we can make it there soon! Everything looks absolutely stunning and it would really be a dream trip!

I’m seriously, seriously obsessed with Kid Mashburn, the latest brainchild of Sid and Ann Mashburn. It’s a good thing their clothes start at toddler sizing, otherwise I would be in serious trouble with buying literally everything for our son!

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