Week in Review, Vol. 3

I hope that my week in review posts aren’t always going to start with a discourse on the weather… although this week I feel it is justified! After a snowstorm where we got a surprising six inches, we had several glorious WARM days! It really felt like spring was in full swing–we spent the afternoons and evenings outside, just enjoying the weather. It was amazing, and so, so needed. Even though it’s been chillier and gloomy for the remainder of the week, those few warm days have assured me that spring is finally on its way!

Anyway, on to more interesting topics…

I’ve always been a big fan of colorful prints, and India Amory’s new arrivals fit the bill perfectly! This print and this one remind me of fabrics that were in my cousin’s room when we were little, and I love how cheerful the clovers are on this print! How perfect would these placemats and dinner napkins be for St. Patrick’s Day? In addition to table linens, I love all of the robes as well. They look like they’d be perfect for summer!

The New York Times had a fantastic article about the up-and-coming food scene in nearby Oyster Bay. I grew up spending summers here when I was little with my cousins and we now live close by. I’ve been obsessed with the menu for 2 Spring since before it opened and I cannot wait to try it! I’m also a big fan of the Oyster Bay Brewery and look forward to trying more of their brews, as well as the coffee at the new Southdown Coffee, sometime this summer!

On the heels of last week’s post about LL Bean’s change in their return policy, someone has filed a lawsuit over their new one-year return policy, claiming that the company is in breech of their “unlimited satisfaction” guarantee. I’ve been thinking a lot about the change in return policy since I first read about it, and personally I believe that LL Bean should continue to offer a lifetime return policy with proof of purchase. In this digital age, it should be easy enough to verify purchases through their database or through your own email account, if you’ve purchased online. Even if you’ve purchased items in store, it’s likely that you used a credit card, and then there would be a record, which surely would significantly cut down on their “return fraud.”

I haven’t done any shopping for spring yet, but if I was still living in D.C., I’d be running, not walking, to Tuckernuck’s warehouse sample sale. I’ve been shopping at Tuckernuck since they first opened and have been a huge fan ever since. If you are in the D.C. area, be sure to stop by! Details are on their website.

Finally, a powerful article about the need for gun control in the U.S.

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