Week in Review, Vol. 23

It’s been a rainy week all week and it’s been kind of nice! I love summer rain, and it’s been so relaxing to sit down in the evening and watch the rain fall outside. Below are a few great links from this week!

I loved Jen’s post on living in Manhattan with a baby. I grew up in the city and so did my sister; I don’t know how my mom did it in a walkup with two children! I completely understand why we moved to the suburbs before my brother was born.

Lucy’s post on how to how to travel in Europe with a toddler is a post I’ve bookmarked for the future! I’m hoping that we’ll make a trip to Ireland for the ten-year reunion of my archaeological field school!

I’ve been in a making-things-from-scratch mood lately, so I’m really intrigued by Deb’s minimalist barbecue sauce recipe. We always use the sriracha barbecue sauce from Trader Joe’s, but it’s a bit of a drive from our house so a new backup recipe is a good idea!

Meg’s new Finance Friday series is amazing! I’m definitely not the best with my finances, and now that we have a baby I want to get better. I’m looking forward to reading more!

We had our son’s room painted Nantucket Fog before he was born, and it is simply gorgeous. However, I do love wallpaper and these removable wallpaper patterns are so fun. Perhaps for his next room!

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