The Elusive Wardrobe Item

On Wednesday night I was talking to my husband about one of my elusive wardrobe items–the Lilly Pulitzer Dark ‘n Stormy shift dress. I desperately wanted one when they came out, but this was before I could order things online (I miss their amazing catalogs!) and we didn’t live near a store at the time. Ever since, I’ve combed eBay for one that wasn’t exorbitantly expensive. I’m still looking!

That made me think of other pieces I’ve searched for over the years. I looked forever for the perfect Fair Isle sweater, and my godmother gave me dozens of them! (Literally dozens from her sister and mother!) I looked for the perfect ballet flats and found Porselli. I recently pulled the plug on my dream pair of Chelsea boots.

I noticed that most of the things that I was searching for were not specific items, but categories. I now want to write a list of my complete wardrobe staples and my search for the ur-item for each. (I’ve written about my spring and summer staples before, but I want to go more in-depth!) It will be hard, but it will be worth it in the end, because by then I’ll have compiled my perfect wardrobe. And it will probably take decades, but it will (hopefully) be fun!

What are your elusive wardrobe items? Let me know!

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