Recipes of the Week, Vol. 4

While it’s now technically spring, I’m sure the cold weather will linger a little bit longer, which means there is still time to make a few classic winter comfort foods! While we’ve had many weeks this winter (and many nor’easters) where it seems that the only thing to do is bundle up in sweaters and blankets and eat a lot of comfort food, spring is finally in sight! Of course, this naturally means that I now want to cook all the comforting winter foods I love. Before the cold disappears for good, here are a few recipes I’m eager to try.

love chicken parmesan and I would honestly make it every week if I could get away with it! This recipe from Melissa Clark is fantastic, and even better if you make your own tomato sauce to use instead. This one is super simple and delicious!

I’ve mentioned before that Jody Williams’ cookbook Buvette is one of my all-time favorite cookbooks. Even though it’s tough to find in stores, I adore rabbit and her rabbit a la moutarde just looks so phenomenal. She notes that you can replace this with chicken, so if you’re a bit squeamish about rabbit, or can’t find any, chicken is a good substitute.

Finally, I don’t think I’ve ever found a more comforting recipe for the cold winter than Guinness stew or, even better, Guinness pie (pictured above). While Martha Stewart’s recipe is definitely time consuming (you can use store-bought pie dough if you prefer–I love the pie dough from Trader Joe’s), it’s easy to make the pie dough and stew ahead of time, and simply pop everything in the oven the day you want your Guinness pie… that is, if you think you can restrain yourself from eating all the beef stew as soon as you make it!

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