North Shore Explore: Sagamore Hill

Sagamore Hill, Teddy Roosevelt’s Summer White House, is a place justly famous for its beauty. Oyster Bay residents are proud of its history–the Oyster Bay Brewing Company even has a beer named after Sagamore Hill! (It’s called the Summer White House, and it’s delicious, by the way.) The unique style of the house and its expansive grounds, including a private beach, are idyllic. The house, which is now managed by the National Park Service, was recently refurbished and is now reopened to the public.

Throughout the year, the Park Service hosts events from nature walks to an astronomy program, where visitors can view the stars. The grounds are beautiful, and can be explored on your own or on a tour. There is a lovely hike down to the beach through the woods. (Be careful, though–the hike is not accessible and is a bit steep.)

The house itself is still as Teddy Roosevelt left it. Hunting trophies and books line the walls, and if you are there in the evening you might see one of the ghosts of Sagamore Hill! The house is only accessible by tour, so be sure to sign up. My grandfather gave tours for years, and he truly made the house–and the history–come alive for me and for many other visitors.

Sagamore Hill is owned and managed by the National Park Service. It is located in Cove Neck just outside downtown Oyster Bay. It is easily accessible via car or Uber.

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