Living a Beautiful Life: March

I can’t believe it’s already been just over a month since I started this blog! I knew that I’d enjoy writing it, but I’ve really grown to love sitting down to write up my thoughts more than I expected. As it’s a new month, I wanted to share the three things I’m focusing on in March to make life more enjoyable, as I did last month. This month will certainly be a busy one as we prepare to welcome our first child, so I’m focusing on little things that will (hopefully) make life a little bit easier and more pleasant during this transition!

Find the kind of fountain pen that you like best

I’m sure we will be writing lots of notes to family and friends during the next month! I’m trying to find some nice baby announcement cards, but I seem to be a bit stuck. We’ve chosen two middle names for our son and all of the options I’ve found so far seem to have limits to how many names you can have listed. It’s frustrating, especially as it’s not a character limit but a word limit! Nevertheless, we are planning to buy quite a few sets of these adorable thank you cards (thanks to Jen from The Fashion Magpie for posting about these!), and I feel as though a proper thank you requires a proper pen. I used to have a great fountain pen I loved, but it unfortunately gave up the ghost quite some time ago. I’m currently investigating new options!

Store out-of-season sweaters in clear plastic zip bags and put a deliciously scented soap inside to keep them fresh

The weather is warming up at last, and some of my heavier sweaters, at least, can go into storage. I always have so many beautifully scented soaps that I can’t bear to use up, and I often tuck these into my sweater drawers. It will be an easy and pleasant way to store everything for spring and summer!

Keep a food inspiration notebook in the kitchen

I wish I had started this last month–or, if I’m being honest, years ago! While I love to cook, I do sometimes run out of ideas and get bored with everything I usually enjoy. Taking the time to physically write ideas down and then flip through them when I’m in a rut is a great idea, and one that will certainly come in handy over the next few months when I’m too exhausted to think of things for dinner!

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