How to Store Your Sweaters

One of the little things I’m focusing on this month is taking care of my sweaters properly. I have a large collection of wonderful vintage sweaters from various family members and family friends, including some beautiful Fair Isle sweaters from the late, great Trimingham’s in Bermuda. I want them to last for a long time to come, so I take great pains to keep them in the best condition possible! Here are a few tips on how to store your sweaters and help keep them in tip-top shape.

Fold neatly between tissue paper
To keep your sweaters looking neat and fresh, fold them carefully between sheets of tissue paper. Keeping your sweaters folded instead of hung on hangers helps them keep their shape longer and the tissue paper helps prevent unwanted creases from forming.

Keep cedar or lavender in your closet or drawers
Moths and other bugs are the bane of a sweater’s existence. One of my all-time best J Crew purchases–a beautiful cashmere boatneck sweater in a caramel brown with white stripes–was unfortunately ruined about five years ago when a bug got to it. After that, I made sure to always store my sweaters with lavender sachets and/or with cedar. As a bonus, both cedar and lavender smell wonderful!

Clean your sweaters properly
No matter how careful you are with your sweaters, you’ll have to wash them eventually. The Laundress makes beautiful products to keep your sweaters looking their best–their Wash & Stain Bar, Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, and their Sweater Comb are all must-haves. Read The Laundress’s step-by-step guide to cleaning your sweaters for a professional’s approach.

Use clear storage containers when you put sweaters away for the season
It’s almost spring–though you wouldn’t know it in the Northeast by the near-constant nor’easters we’ve experienced over the last month!–and it’s just about time to switch wardrobes over from winter to spring. A good way to keep your sweaters safe yet easily accessible to to store them in either clear plastic bags or folded neatly in clear plastic trunks. You can tuck a sweet-smelling soap in your storage container to keep your sweaters from getting musty, and using clear storage containers allows you to easily keep track of what has been put away from the season. I love these large Ziploc bags for easy and space-saving storage.


Do you have any tips I’m missing in the above list? Let me know!

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