When digital nomads set out on their entrepreneurship and travel journey, there’s a lot to learn.  And the learning the curve is high and very demanding. The good news is there’s a course online to teach you how to solve your own problems. The bad news is that it’s hard to know who to trust and which courses to purchase, but I can help. Let me share with you how courses help digital nomads make extra money, and which ones I think are worth your hard earned money.


I’m not going to lie, buying courses to help yourself learn how to manage your social media presence more effectively, how to build a list, how to write a more convincing sales letter, etc… is really helpful with two caveats. You have to buy from the right people—people who know what they’re talking about AND you have to be willing to invest not just the money in the course but the time it takes to complete the course.



When you’re a digital nomad, making money is the name of the game. It what keeps you afloat and makes your lifestyle possible.  So, whether you’re a blogger, a freelancer, or a social media celebrity, you need a blog (link).  EBA teaches you how to monetize your blog and use it as an additional income stream. When you join EBA, you learn how to set up your blog to make money and you get lifetime access to all course updates. Plus,  you become a member of a pretty exclusive group of bloggers — bloggers who make anywhere from $10K to $100K/month blogging — just blogging.  It’s impressive.

Because of EBA, this little blog actually brings in money now. I’m not making $15,000/month yet but now I know how to make it happen. Grab your free copy of the Secret Blueprint For Blogging Success to get a taste of Elite Blog Academy. You can only purchase the class one time a year. So by grabbing your free copy, you’ll also join the waiting list and be one of the first to know when creator Ruth Soukup opens the doors to register again.


Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing is a great companion course to EBA. In this course, creator Michelle Schroeder-Gardner teaches you how to monetize blog posts, social media posts, and emails.  Michelle now routinely makes $100,000 + (USD) per month! She still publishes income reports and part of her success is that uses these affiliate marketing techniques all.the.time.

As a digital nomad, this course is right in your sweet spot.  You use Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook all the time.  Why not make money when you do it?  With every blog post, every Instagram pic, every Pinterest Pin, and every Facebook Post, you could be making a buck (or thousands!). This is set-and-forget money and when it comes to easy digital nomad income, this it the jackpot.

Michelle not only teaches how to place the link, but she also shows you how to be compliant and to properly disclose your affiliate marketing to your readers, subscribers, and social media followers.

It’s a great course. After I took this course, I earned my first affiliate sales commission and it felt AMAZING!  I wrote one blog post and that one email consistently brings me money. Click here to check it out.

You can check out Making Sense Of Affiliate marketing here. It’s an easy-to-complete course. I think it took me two days to completely read through all of the material and about to week to implement all of her recommendations. It’s worth it.  I wouldn’t miss out on this course.


As a digital nomad, it can be hard to keep your life straight. You’ve not only got client work but you’ve got to figure out where you’re going next so you don’t overstay your visa or passport entry requirements. You have to figure out the logistics for your travel and where you’re going to sleep AND you’ve got to continue your professional development so you can keep making money to fund this adventure.

This is how Kim Anderson’s 12-Week Blog Growth Strategy comes into play. By now, you know why you need a blog (link) but with everything else you have going on, it’s hard to keep things moving and updated.

With Kim’s plan, she’s taken all of the major concepts of the 12-week year (great book), and turned them into a course to help you organize and prioritize your tasks in bite-sized 12-week intervals. It’s freaking amazing!

You may think, “shoot, I can organize my own life.”  And you can, but if you’re a digital nomad like me, I never actually get around to organizing and the one time I did, I spent all my time trying to figure out how to effectively organize all of my work.

Kim’s course cut out all of the back and forth and helped me set up a 12-week plan. I got more done in those 12 weeks than I did some years. Literally. Life change. Amazing.

Now, every 12 weeks, I set a goal and I use Kim’s strategy to break those goals down into bite-sized actions that I can track daily, weekly, and monthly.

Hands down, Kim’s 12-week blog growth strategy is the best productivity course I’ve ever taken (and I’ve taken a ton). You can check it out here.


I’m going to toot my own horn here for a second and full disclosure, this is totally MY course but I think it’s fan-tab-ulous (and yes, I’m completely biased).

As a digital nomad, most of my income still comes from freelancing.  And when you’ve been “homeless” for as long as I have (7 years and counting), your former professional network runs a bit dry and people don’t quite know how to find you.  So, like me, you end up finding temporary jobs through job boards and referrals from current clients. But to get those jobs, you’ve got to pitch your credentials.

Having written proposals for the majority of my corporate life, I’ve written and supported proposals that have won upwards of $10 million/year for 10 years!  And when I left that world to become a digital nomad, I realized I could use the same proposal strategies I used to earn companies tens of millions of dollars to get new freelance clients.

BAM!  I got freelance work and I created a course to help you do the same thing.

In Pitch Like A Boss, I help freelancers (in any niche) and job seekers hone their pitch skills to stand out, get noticed, and make contacts to get new work. It’s a simple course that could earn you thousands in new freelance work.

I only open the course for new students quarterly. So sign up to hop on the waiting list here and grab my free gift.


Ok fellow digital nomad and location independent hottie, for massive passive income earning potential creating an online course is the path to freedom.

David Siteman Garland’s course, Create Awesome Online Courses, is the last (but definitely not least) of the courses I’d recommend for any digi nomad wanting to make some extra money.

David goes through every single step it takes to launch a fantastic online course that makes you money hand over fist!  I took this class, built my course, and I was ecstatic to make sales on my first launch!

Could I have made more sales?  Sure! But, now that I have the framework for the course, I’ll keep updating and tweaking it until I’m satisfied with the final product.

His course teaches you how to grow your list; design your course.  He helps you figure out the technology and shows you how to market your course in a way that will help you increase your sales.

Don’t be like me. Follow David’s instructions to the letter.  You’ll be so happy you did.  He only opens his course a few times a year so sign up and snag his free webinar to jump on the waiting list to be the first to know when he relaunches.


The short answer is no. You don’t.  The long answer is: If you want to avoid a bunch of common pitfalls and learn from other people’s mistakes so you can make money faster, then yes; you do need to spend money to make money as a digital nomad, especially when it comes to professional development.

Have you downloaded my digital nomad business checklist? It’s a quick and dirty way to map out your business’ skeleton to determine who, what, and how your business income will flow.  Sign up below and I’ll send the checklist to your inbox. Pronto!

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